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The Lords of Gondor

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Aragorn, Boromir, Faramir..what did they have in common? They were all Lords of Gondor! Now it is your turn, join The Lords of Gondor kinship and write your own legend! You name it, we have it!

We are The Lords of Gondor !
Kin News

A fun-filled and exciting 2014 to come!

rambokc, Apr 1, 14 5:06 AM.
Greetings all,

Another year has flown by! We're now well and truly into 2014!

The past year, despite several notable events in LOTRO such as Helms Deep Expansion (new level cap of 95) and plenty of revamps to Housing, Regions and Classes, I'm proud to announce that The Lords of Gondor are still going strong as before with our members (myself included) getting involved in raids, PVP activities, roleplaying sessions and events.

2013 saw the following events organised by The Lords of Gondor:
  • Dinwick's Memorial (an in-game memorial for our dear friend Dinwick Orcsbane who passed on in real life)
  • The Greatest Battle of Our Time (server-wide no-holds barred sparring event)
  • Boston Marathon Memorial (being in solidarity in-game with the victims of the families)
  • Fourth of July Fireworks Fest ft. The Misty Mountain Band (the title speaks for itself)
As we approach the second quarter of 2014, I'm pretty sure our kin and the entire Riddermark server will have plenty of events to look forward to. Already we are anticipating "Operation: Take the Hobbits to Isengard" that will occur soon in the month of May!



Lieutenant Rambokc
Leader of the Lords of Gondor

Feb 2013 Update

rambokc, Feb 6, 13 1:47 AM.
Greetings all,

This webpage has not been updated recently but that does not mean our kin is inactive. Rather, me and our second-in-command "Icedfreeze", as well as a couple of our other members, have been very active in LOTRO. We're constantly doing 12-man raids, PvP-ing in the Ettenmoors and having fun in-game in general.

I will aim to keep this site as updated as possible - it is our kinship site after all. In the meantime, raise the recruitment levels and keep those new members coming!

Leader of the Lords of Gondor

Booby Prize Lottery!

rambokc, Nov 27, 11 7:53 AM.
Greetings all,

The Lords of Gondor is pleased to announce that it will be holding another lottery for the kin members, named the "Booby Prize Lottery". There are loads of prizes to be won and participation is free so what are you waiting for? Check under "Events" for more information!

Leader of the Lords of Gondor

Congratulations to our first ever lottery winners!

rambokc, Nov 27, 11 7:10 AM.
Greetings all,

As you know, our kin recently held a kin lottery to celebrate the launching of our kin website! To those who didn't participate, keep your eyes peeled for more kin lotteries and events coming round the corner and join in the fun!

Without further ado, I am proud to announce the winners:

1st prize winner of 5 gold:  Shadofax
2nd prize winner of 3 gold: Eliphas
3rd prize winner of 2 gold: Leywood
Starter prize winner(s): Rambokc


Leader of the Lords of Gondor

Kin Lottery to mark the founding of our kin site!

rambokc, Oct 28, 11 5:20 AM.
Greetings all,

The kin lottery will be starting on the 1st of November 2011 to commemorate the founding of our kin site! Please look at "Schedule" at the left-hand side of the page to check it out!

Leader of The Lords of Gondor
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